Healing the Wounds of War

Healing the Wounds of War

This project is under development by the Hope and Restoration Team (HART).  The Healing the Wounds of War Project seeks to bring healing and wholeness to Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors, Marines, their families and communities.  This is an integrated approach that includes the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of the healing and recovering process.

The Healing the Wounds of War Project seeks to provide: local training sessions for service members, veterans, families and the community; high quality videos; Podcasts; written material; seminars; retreats and a Recovery Ranch of longer term needs.

This is a team effort.  Everyone can be part of this effort to bring healing to the individuals and families resulting from service during wartime.  The Hope and Restoration Team needs immediate assistance in the following areas:

-        Legal and Administrative support in filing for the 501c3 status.

-        Quality Audio equipment (Microphones and digital audio recorder such as the Zoom h4n and H1) for video productions and Podcasts. [We have a Rode Video Mic Pro.]

-        Quality camera lenses. [We are using a Canon T4i our current lenses include: 40 mm, f/2.8 STM (pancake); EF-S 18-55 f/3.5-5.6 IS II; EF-S 50-255 f/4-5.6 IS II]

-        Volunteers with video, audio and editing experience.

-        Volunteers to coordinate and support local training events and seminars.

-        Volunteers to coordinate and support retreats.

-        Volunteers with strengths in administration and coordination abilities.

-        Individuals who can support HART financially.

We are currently operating as a ministry of Christ the King Church, Yelm, WA.  As such, financial contributions can be sent to the church with the word “Hope” in the memo field.  All proceeds with this designation will be for HART and the Healing the Wounds of War Project.  We seek to establish HART as its own non-profit (501c3) organization.

Thank you for considering volunteering and helping.

Our contact Information:

Christ the King Church
Atten: HART
PO Box 287
Yelm, WA 98597


Phone: 253-235-2671

E-mail: david@hopeandrestoration.org