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RESTORE: Healing the "Invisible" Wounds of War

What is RESTORE?

RESTORE is a one day (6 hour) training course offered by the Hope and Restoration Team.  In this training we approach stress, anxiety, post-traumatic stress from an integrated physical, psychological and spiritual approach.  RESTORE is an acronym to help us remember important steps on the path toward a renew life.

Who would benefit from this training?

The RESTORE training is designed specifically for veterans, active service members, and their families and professionals or community member desiring to help in a post-traumatic recovery process.  This training would also benefit anyone who has experienced trauma: violent crime, natural disasters or abuse.

The Healing the Wounds of War blog and podcast  ( )are a tremendous training resource. 

The RESTORE training is facilitated by David Fell.  David is an Army Wounded Warrior (AW2) and a retired Army Chaplain.  His lungs were severely damaged while serving in Iraq.  He also battles with Post Traumatic Stress.  His training and personal experience bring a fresh and relevant edge to the topic and the issues involved in recovery.

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